When we were thinking of an idea for the “Write an Episode of Jake and Amir Contest” one of us thought we should write one where Jake’s on the phone but Amir doesn’t realize and thinks he’s talking to him. His idea got shot down almost instantly because the others thought that it was too similar to an older Jake and Amir, called “Britney”. Apparently that’s not a problem…

"I got a tattoo with disappearing ink because I thought it would be funny…but now I can’t find my arm."

Freestyle from world famous rapper Yo Kang using T-Pain app. Dawg.

"My new years tradition is to stare at 12 year old boys genitalia to watch their balls drop."
"If an office supplies store can be named “Staples”, why can’t a supermarket be named “Bananas”?"
"Thoughts of a Horny Nerd:
Kirby probably gives the best blowjobs."

Punny Games Deleted Scene

"I like telling riddles to amputees because they get stumped easily ."
"I like to sneeze around atheists just to see what they say."
"They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. I wish that were also true for abusive fathers."
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